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Who created Teddy Bear?

Who created Teddy Bear?

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Who created Teddy Bear?

Teddy bear is a teddy bear for children to play with. Teddy Bear Plush toys have a long history and are often used to comfort children’s sadness. In recent years, some teddy bears have become expensive collections. The world’s first teddy bear museum was established in 1984 in Petersfield, Hampshire, England.

In 1902, the then US President Theodore Roosevelt participated in a hunting event. In order to appease and please the president, the people in the same group tied a black bear caught in advance to the tree so that the president could shoot. Roosevelt saw the innocent and cute look of the injured bear, and could not bear to start. He put down the gun and said, “This is not a fair competition!” He also vowed on the spot to stop hunting black bears. The matter was later painted by the political cartoonist Berryman and painted a cartoon. In the later version of the manga, the big bear that Roosevelt couldn’t bear to shoot was shaped into a cute and pitiful innocent little bear. The Russian Midmim, who runs a grocery store in New York, made a small fluffy bear according to the image in the cartoon and laid it in the shop for decoration. Surprisingly, the bear was quickly bought. With the permission of President Roosevelt, the bear was officially named after the president’s nickname, Teddy.

A story gave birth to a cartoon, a cartoon inspired a couple’s inspiration. No one can think of this seemingly ordinary three small things, which led to the glory of Teddy Bear. Later, many new fashion bear designs are inspired by teddy bears. Teddy bears are red from Europe. And the Asia Pacific, the Japanese favorite bear is the Teddy Bear, this is the miracle of the teddy bear.